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ILTA Postcard

postcard photo restoration graphic design marketing postcard advertising direct mail

This postcard is a great example of several different skill sets. First, I designed the logo for TEA. This was a direct mail campaign postcard (the front side) that went out letting customers know where their booth would be located at the ILTA trade show. The photo in the background was actually a restoration project in which I restored the photo to better quality. One of the men pictured was actually a relative of TEA’s owner who worked in the oil tank fields (which is why they could use the slogan “heritage in the past”), but unfortunately some other relative down the line had drawn an “X” over the relative in the photo so they could identify him. I removed the “X” and also several fold marks, scratches, and anomalies that come with antique photos. I was able to make the photo high resolution, and bring back some clarity to the image. The finished photo had enough resolution that we were also able to use it as part of TEA’s trade show display.

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