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Digital Story #2, v2

This is the second version of the second story.

  • I made adjustments to the speed of the clips in the beginning to slow it down.
  • I added a blue filter over the scene where Maggie goes outside to make it look like night and I added some more barking sounds.
  • I changed the bubbles overlay to be a little lighter.

Some things I did not address:

  • I didn’t change the music because I already spent a really long time getting it pulled down to the level it’s at (because the song builds and at the end is SUPER loud, so I pulled it down a lot already) and I it’s kind of beyond my expertise to mess with it further. So if I had more time or to do it over again, I would spend more time learning how to adjust the audio.
  • I did not adjust the narration at the end because I didn’t have time to think about better wording. I would change that too because I wasn’t totally pleased with how it just ends like that.

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