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Digital Story #2

Here is my first draft of the second story. This one was crazy because I wrote a completely different story for the storyboard assignment — and then after realizing we actually were going to have to MAKE the video, I had to switch gears because there was no way to tell the story with visuals. (the summary: it was about a harrowing RV experience and there were specific details that generic stock photos would not have worked well for, and I didn’t have time with our short deadlines to properly illustrate it, so I wrote a new story).

With this story, I tried out recording the narration using Audition (Adobe’s sound studio app) and I really liked it. I’ve never used Audition before, but it made it super easy to delete unwanted portions of the waveform (it has like a text edit cursor where you just highlight what you want to remove, and then click delete, and voila!). It was also easy to export the edited audio and put it into Premiere Pro.

I used Premiere Pro again because there are so many options when it comes to effects! I was able to layer video images just like I can make layers in Photoshop! I could control the transparency and the way the “light passes through” (AKA use blend modes like “overlay, screen, hard light, etc.”) the layer on top to make the layer underneath visible. This allowed me to incorporate lots of green swirls over my images — which you will see why that helps the story when you watch it…. but I have been really happy with the capabilities of Premiere Pro. Where I was feeling stuck and limited with other software, with Premiere Pro, I have not even tapped into the full capabilities yet!

As for the story, I think it came together ok… the music cracks me up because I just added it after everything was done — as truly an afterthought — but it actually works with the pace and build up of the story… but it may also be too much. I’m undecided. I know I probably have too much going on in this video but I really had a lot of fun putting it together and learning how to overlay clips. So while it’s more effects heavy, (and yes, I am aware it’s over the top), it’s really the outcome of my experimenting and playing with a new software. It’s not perfect by any standard (it may not even be good by said standards!), but it is definitely helping me gain experience and build better videos in the future.

I was sad I wasn’t able to bring my RV story to life (perhaps in the future I’ll come back to that one) but I think this one is fun also. I hope you enjoy and I look forward to your feedback!

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  1. Kelsey Mitchelson

    Great work on your second digital story! I always love hearing your stories. I can only imagine how frustrated you were during this situation.
    I love the way you incorporated the overlay features such as the bubbles and the smelly fumes look. Very cool and definitely added to your story. Once again, great use of video, pictures and sound effects to make your story exciting. One suggestion I have was there were a couple of times I could not hear your voice recording over the audio, and I’d hate to miss any of the wonderful detail.
    Great work!

    -Kelsey Mitchelson

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