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Digital Story 1

So this is my first draft of the first story “The Stomachache.”

Reflecting on the process, I kept pretty much to the images I imagined from my storyboard, but my script did evolve on the fly in some cases because what I wrote didn’t sound natural, or it came out weird when I said it outloud, so I did make some adjustments.

I also used Adobe Premiere Pro for the first time. I was intimidated at first because I had never really used it (I think maybe I used it once, a million years ago in college, but I’m sure it’s not the same software as it was then). So I watched a few tutorials and figured it out as I went. I’m pretty proud of myself for teaching myself new software and making this video today. I even used some “special effects” and chroma key!!! (the money falling was a clip from pixabay with a green background that I removed!!! –ok, I’m excited).

All images, footage, music, and sounds are original or I got them from royalty free websites.

Looking forward to your thoughts!


  1. Dmitry Bucklin

    Hi Kristen,
    I really enjoyed your video story! Below are some of my thoughts about your story!

    I really liked the introduction to your story with the sun and trees. The crowing rooster and image was good. It gave it a bit of humor! I assume that is a picture/video of your husband. I really like how you incorporated that as well as his voice in your story. Really did bring it to life! All of your images fit well with your story. I like how you had a picture of the bananas and then one where they are gone.

    A few comments that would make the story even more enjoyable for me:
    1) maybe add picture transitions (fade form image to image). I think that will help make the story even more smooth (Unless of course you want those images transitions they way that they are)
    2) around the 2:20 mark where you talk about the bananas being past their prime and banana bread I felt like I got out of the story there a bit. It was a bit too “conversational” at that point. I don’t know if that makes sense?
    3) It was a bit distracting to see the *not actual biology students text on the screen.
    4) I felt like the story just ended. I could have kept listening!
    5) This is something that I commented on in our discussion post for this week when we watched the movies. I am just curious about the use of video. Is that okay to use in these types of stories? I think you incorporated them VERY nicely and the still images and live video fit great!

    I loved the story and I think you did a great job. I listened to it two times because I enjoyed it so much! Thank you!

    • Kristen

      Thanks, Dmitry! These are some really great observations!

      To answer your question on #5, I used images and video clips from Pexels and Pixabay which do not require attribution so I did not need to cite usage at the end. Likewise, the sound effects and music are also from free sites not requiring attribution.

      …If you are asking about using video vs. strictly stills, I think if you have video why not use it? Maybe our instructor can clarify his stance, but my opinion is that the technology supports it, it’s a multimedia focus, and anything imagewise that supports the story without taking away from it is fair game! Like I even think if I wanted to animate my story or use stop action claymation I could do that too LOL not that I can do stop action, but you get my point. To me, there are no limits on visuals (and maybe that’s the artist in me speaking), I say that a digital story is a short video that tells a story using voiceover, sounds, music and images – whether the images are moving or still are irrelevant as long as it doesn’t detract from the story. But I think using video keeps it fresh and engaging especially with modern audiences which have a super short attention span. But that’s my opinion and maybe I’m wrong. But I’m probably going to push the limits because of that artist/rebel side of me LOL

      Thanks again for your comments and taking the time to provide some well thought out feedback!

  2. Kelsey Mitchelson


    Great work! I really enjoyed your story! The beginning music and introduction sound effects caught my attention immediately. I really loved how you added the movement throughout your story and incorporated sounds like your husbands voice, the phone ringing, and the rooster in the beginning. All of these different parts went well together and kept me interested.
    You also did an awesome job setting up the story and organizing it to become some sort of mystery. By seeing the clues in the sink and the missing bananas, I began to wonder what was going to happen and how this story would end.
    I would love to know more on the program you used, because the movement and different sound effects is something I have been working more on. I have been using iMovie, but sometimes find it is limited. What free sites are you using to find the sound effects?

    • Kristen

      Thanks, Kelsey!

      I used Adobe Premiere Pro on this one. I’m with you on iMovie having limitations. Adobe Premiere is an industry standard professional level editing software. I just got into it myself so I am nowhere close to tapping all that it can do. You can control every aspect imaginable! But unfortunately it’s not free. I have an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription because I’m a graphic designer and I need the software for my freelance work (my company supplies a subscription for my work with them but I keep my own account just to keep things kosher). So Premiere Pro is included with my subscription. Good news is that now that I’m a student again I can get my normal subscription for only $19.99 a month (usually $49/month). So if you’re interested in getting into it or can see a use beyond this class, it’s worth it. I think there is also a 30-day free trial as well. And I also think if you only want the one software it may be $9.99 a month… Like I think Premiere Rush is only 9.99 a month after the free trial, but Rush is similar to iMovie in that it just does the basics and it’s pretty limited, but it is nice you can use it on any platform — iPad, smart phone, laptop, etc.

      The last one I made I used Camtasia. Which is a one time fee to buy it ($245?), it’s less expensive and does more than iMovie, it’s pretty easy to use and can do quite a bit, but it doesn’t do as much as premiere pro. Camtasia also has a 30-day free trial.

      As to the sound effects and music, I just googled “free XYZ sound effect” and lots of free sites came up. I made sure the ones I chose came from free sites that did not require attribution. I also get music from bensound and mixkit which are also free. The stock video clips and images came from Pexels and Pixabay (free, no attribution).

  3. Kendra

    Hi Kristen,
    I really enjoyed your story and laughed many times. The sound effects in the story definitely added to the storytelling. Just a couple things I was curious about. Maybe sound effects with the students in the classroom. Also, the motion when your husband was not feeling well seemed fast and then slow at times. Excellent job on your story!

    • Kristen

      Thanks, Kendra! I appreciate your feedback!
      My husband … Not an actor … Was maybe a reluctant participant at best, LOL I really wanted him to grab his stomach and wince in pain, but I got what I got LOL and he still looks like he’s smiling the whole time and not in pain! (Facepalm)… I think he did great considering but sometimes you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit. :D

  4. Laura


    My favorite part of this was the photos of your husband in bed. I was laughing because those facial expressions were good. The opening segment with the music and sunlight set the scene.

    One suggestion I have is to double check your transitions. Since you have so many visuals (which is great), I only saw a couple places that could be reviewed.

    The color change with the bananas to black and white was a nice effect. The sound effect, I would maybe turn down slightly unless you are wanting to have a large impact. I had my headphones in and it was too loud in them – most likely the sound is great on the computer speaker.

    I really liked this video, made me laugh, and you did a lot of personalization to it, that allowed for me to connect to it.

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