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Digital Storyboard Upgrade

In my first version, I think I got carried away with the imagery and really didn’t take into account the fact that I don’t have photos for any of this and we only have a short time to produce it, so ultimately, it just wasn’t feasible.

In the update, I’ve shortened the story (reduced the number of images and trimmed the script). I tried to go for more images that I could recreate on my own or grab free stock images. Also, In the first version, I dragged out the punch line thinking it would make it more dramatic or something and really it just didn’t work, so I cut that down in the update.

Here is the First Version:

Here is the Updated Version:


  1. Laura

    First, I do not know if you freehand drew those pictures or where you got them from, but I honestly love those and thought that is some creativity and talent right there. I’ve seen other stories that employ the same sort of visuals. The only thing they had though was animation to some of them (not all) and stills of others with the picture being panned over.
    I saw you mentioned you would create your own or find stock. Are you thinking to go drawing images or photo images, because I personally enjoy the drawing route for this, even if they are stock drawings.

    • Kristen

      Thanks, Laura! Yes, I drew those! I didn’t think I had enough time in the week to illustrate the story in the way I would want to, so I ended up re-enacting it and captured a mix of original stills and video and then found a few stock clips and images. I’m not sure I would have been able to find stock drawings this specific

  2. Kendra

    Wow, I really enjoyed looking over your professional storyboard. The images, story and layout was really nice to see. I also appreciate seeing how you edited the second story. Honestly, I did not see where you needed corrections on the first one, but the editing you did really helped tell the story. I think simplifying the text was a great idea. Nice job!

  3. Kelsey Mitchelson


    I love that I can visually see what you changed in your storyboard! I also enjoy that you have the drawings of each clip to give an idea of what we can expect to see… having seen your final version, I know that they are now real life videos, but I think this was an awesome way to do your storyboard.
    I also love that you incorporated the sound effects and plans in the storyboard to help stay organized!

    -Kelsey Mitchelson

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