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Long Time, No See…

So, you may have guessed I took a little break from the ol’ blog here… Perhaps a bit long for a “little” break.  Ok, it’s been months.  So to catch you up, here’s what’s been going on:

I had a baby.  To some Facebook friends, this is old news, but to everyone else, that’s my main excuse for dropping the ball, er, blog.  Now you know.  The end.  LOL Just kidding!  Here’s the whole story…

About the end of May, I started having some high blood pressure again, which in pregnant women, is known as preeclampsia.  Which is a terrible, and possibly fatal condition if it’s not taken care of properly.   And since I have a history of preeclampsia with my other pregnancies, the doctors did not want to take any risks (and neither did I!).  So, I was sent to the hospital June 2nd.  After they ran all the tests, and I spent a night in the hospital, they decided I was fine… even though my blood pressure was crazy high.  And while I was laying down in the hospital bed, my pressure was perfect … because I was laying down.  So they sent me home.  About two days later, my pressure was crazy high again (because I wasn’t laying down), and they sent me back to the hospital.  Another night in the hospital and they sent me home again.  They started me on blood pressure medicine and kept increasing it because my pressure was not responding to the medicine.  And I had developed a KILLER headache like I’ve never experienced in my life.  To the point that I could not drive, and opening my eyes was excruciating.  I cried every time I opened my eyes just because it hurt so much.  I went back to the hospital for the pressure and the headache, and they sent me home on some pretty crazy meds.  This happened a total of FOUR times (going to the hospital and getting sent home) before they decided they would just keep me until the baby was born.  So I was in and out of the hospital for the first two weeks of June, and then I ended up staying for a couple nights before my pressure was high and my headache was so intense that they decided to deliver the baby.  I was 34 weeks along in the pregnancy.

I should also mention, that up to this point, everything was perfect with the baby!  It was me they were concerned about; the baby was totally fine.

I feel like I should give you some context, for those of you unfamiliar with my history.  Feel free to skip ahead to the next section if you already know, or don’t feel like being sad today.

I’ve been pregnant 6 times.  My first two babies are now aged 7 and 5, but then I miscarried twice trying for our third child.  The fifth time I was pregnant, everything was going well, but suddenly at 22 weeks, my water broke.  I spent two weeks in antepartum at the hospital — a ward I had previously not known existed.  At 24 weeks, my pressure was high and the baby’s heart rate was erratic, so they decided to deliver.  Suzie was just a pound and a half, but she was perfect.  We spent 18 days with her in the NICU before she passed away.  Her intestines had gone necro, and she had contracted an infection that the antibiotics just were not able to stop because of her size.  She was doing so perfectly, and almost in an instant, things took a downward turn.

So given this history, the doctors were extremely cautious with me.  We definitely didn’t want to lose another baby.  And the doctor I had this time was AWESOME.  She was always one step ahead and took preventative measures rather than taking a “wait-and-see” stance.  At any rate, I delivered our baby at 34 weeks this past June.  We had to stay three weeks with her in the NICU, but she did amazingly well.  And having had a pretty traumatic NICU experience previously, this one seemed like a breeze.  She never needed assistance with breathing, and the only reason we stayed in the NICU so long was because she needed to learn how to eat so we could go home.  She started out on a feeding tube, but eventually learned to take a bottle.  Towards the end of our time at the NICU, I boarded at the hospital so I could stay with her and help her learn to eat at every feeding around the clock.  It was exhausting, but totally worth it.  She was a champ, and we got to bring her home.  Such a miracle.

So there we are.  Baby born, we’re all back home, adjusting to life with a newborn, and I’ve got a couple of great helpers that love their new little sister.  (I do have to keep reminding the five-year-old that her baby sister is not a doll, and not to pick her up…)

All is well.  My pressure is back to normal and the baby is thriving!  Everyone is healthy and doing well!


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