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Coming Events!

Hi Everyone!  I know I announced it on Instagram, but coming next Friday the 12th through the 14th, I will be at Kansas City Comic Con!  I will be at table 425.  I am super excited!  I will be selling my book, of course.  I’ll also be giving away color pages for a new coloring book (for adults) that I’m working on.  Ok, let’s not be confused here, it’s a coloring book for adults, not an adult coloring book. Apparently there is some difference between the two terminologies… LOL

Come out and see me!

I will be posting to instagram during the convention — so be sure to follow @kriswatterson

PS: stay tuned, I will post the coloring pages on my site here after the convention — but be sure to come to the convention to get your hands on the hard copies first!


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Screenshot 2016-08-03 17.54.44

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