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Meatless Meal plan Monday!

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Good morning everyone!  I figured since I’m making a meal plan anyways, I might as well make it on the blog here for anyone who is interested in making some meatless meals this week.  I’m also including my “rough” shopping list for these meals (but check the recipes for yourself to see what you need.  Maybe you don’t have the spices or I have, or maybe I’m counting something in my pantry that you don’t have. LOL so the shopping list is a place to start, but double check what you have or don’t have on hand.  This has been a public service announcement.)

This is what I usually do, (and you may do it different).  I make the meal plan, make the grocery list, and go shopping once at the beginning of the week.  Then I know everything is already on hand and I don’t have to scramble when it’s time to make dinner.  My week is already taken care of.  And I can rearrange meals, or postpone or whatever needs to happen as the week wears on, but at least I know I’m ready to cook and I don’t have to run out to the store at the last minute.

Other things I do:  I eat leftovers for lunch and on the weekends, and usually whole fruits or veggies for snacks. Sometimes peanut butter toast, or celery with peanut butter, or a smoothie.  Sometimes I whip up some hummus (I’ll share that recipe next week).  So usually, whatever veggies I get at the market are enough to make all the meals, and still have stuff to snack on for the week.  That’s how I get around buying a lot of processed food.  (I’ll share in another post what I do for the girl’s lunches, since we’re not buying a lot of convenient pre-packaged stuff).  And now… drumroll… without further fluff… here is this week’s meal plan!

Meatless Meal plan!

“Chxn” Parm with Zoodles.  This is super easy.  I just use Boca vegan chicken patties, heat as directed, serve on top of the zoodles with spaghetti sauce.  I know the boca patties aren’t the best option, but they’re convenient and the kids actually eat this dish!!  (you could use spaghetti squash too instead of zucchini, either/or, whatever floats your boat)

Veggies and Lentils in Peanut Sauce.  (over basmati rice) This is tha BOMB!!  Definitely comfort food, it’s rich and meaty, even though there’s no meat.  You wouldn’t even know it’s vegan!  This is a favorite at our house.


Slow Cooker Enchilada Quinoa Bake.  This is a great, hearty, fill-you-up meal, that pairs wonderfully with tortilla chips or tortillas.  I’ve made this before, and it was a hit!  It also makes a lot of leftovers which warms up great for lunches during the week.


Baked Potatoes.  This blog post from, I Wash … You Dry, is my favorite way (and it’s easy too) to make baked potatoes.  They come out perfect, and the kids eat them up like they are going out of style.  Toppings vary, and sometimes I’ll serve them with a steamable veggie side that we have in the freezer.

Roasted Cabbage Wedges with Onion Dijon Sauce.  These wedges are delicious.  Even if you’re not a cabbage fan, you might be after trying this…  I serve this as the main part of the dish, and try to pair it with a side that has some protein — like beans or quinoa.  This only calls for half the cabbage, so I reserve the other half for next week and make sure I plan a meal that needs half a cabbage.  Cabbage keeps really well in the fridge, too, so if you don’t get to it until a few days later, it’s ok.  (which is probably why I can get away with shopping at the beginning of the week, and making my cabbage at the end of the week! LOL)  I try to make the second half of the cabbage in the first part of the next week.


I don’t usually make meals on Saturday or Sunday, we usually try to eat leftovers, or we’re out of the house doing family stuff, or whatever, so I really only plan 5 meals a week.  Sometimes 6, depending on if I find something amazing that I want to try.  This week, just for fun, I’m going to give you a bonus recipe that we LOVE at our house.  It’s Copycat Spaghettios.

They taste three billion times better than the canned stuff (which in my opinion sometimes tastes like the metal can they come in, …but I still ate them… I loved them when I was a kid, so I still love them now… something about nostalgia and eating spaghettios at my grandmas house? idk… of course my new adventure into whole foods suggest I should not eat the canned version anymore, but I digress…)

These homemade spaghettios my kids love SO much that I make a double batch and send it to school with them in their lunch during the week.  They call this my “famous recipe.”  Even though it’s not my recipe.  I do cut down the nutritional yeast to about 2 or 2.5 TBSP (even in the double batch).  You can play with the ratio that tastes great to you, but I definitely encourage you to try these — your kids will think you are amazing!!

Grocery List (this is my list, so start from here and edit as you need).

For the Dinners:
onion x3
red bell pepper x2
green onions
Baking Potatoes

For the Snacks, etc:
baby carrots
grape tomatoes
coconut milk

I’ll post my haul to Instagram when I get back from the market and let you know how much all these great veggies cost me! :D (PS: follow on instagram!)

I hope you find this collection of recipes useful.  This is what I’m making at my house this week!  I’d love to hear what you think — leave me a note in the comments below — do you want me to keep posting my meal plans?  Is this useful?  Let me know! :D


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