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Where does your time go?

Last week was tough. I had several vegan dinner fails … Consecutively.  So as much success as I had with my plant based dinners the week before, last week’s dinners were the antithesis. I actually wrote this post last week, but somehow it didn’t get posted. I guess it really only counts if I posted it LOL. Anyway, dinners this week are going better (in case you were wondering).  I’m cooking some of my go-to favorites to overcome the disappointment of last week’s fails. One of our very favorites is “bang bang cauliflower,” which you can find HERE.  Also, if you’re curious what else I cook, check out my vegan board on Pinterest HERE.

Ok, enough chatter, on to the post!

My husband and I were talking the other day about Alan Menken, and just how many amazing songs and lyrics have come out of that man’s career. Did you know he wrote Little Shop of Horrors?? Not to mention tons of Disney songs we all know and love. We looked him up on YouTube and watched several interviews where he just sat at the piano and played medlies of all the songs he’s written. Just amazing.  Search for him on YouTube.  You’ll thank me for your new afternoon time waster.  Quality stuff.

So my husband made the comment, something along the lines of, how could he be so talented, there was no way he (my husband) could play piano like that. And I said that of course he could, if that’s what he spent his time on.

Think about it. What you spend your time on is what you excel at. I’ve read that it takes 10,000 hours dedicated to something to become an expert at it. I’ve definitely put in the time dedicated to art, and I’m an expert in my field. 16 years in professional art pursuit does yield expertise. But that’s what I spent my time on. I started drawing when I was three and I didn’t stop. Imagine if it was piano! I would be amazing! lol Sadly I can’t do anything on piano, but I didn’t spend my time there.

Have you ever watched Ground Hog Day? Bill Murray’s character had infinite days that he could spend educating himself in the arts. He went day after day to a piano lesson until he could play like a pro. I think if we had infinite time, that’s what I would do LOL. I’m such a nerd I’d spend my days learning as much as I possibly could — about anything and everything! Like Adeline Bowman (see Age of Adeline, it’s great). I imagine I’d be brilliant if given infinite time.

But the truth is, we don’t have infinite time. The Psalmist said we are nothing more than shifting shadows. Vapors. With a life span the breadth of a hand. (Psalm 39:5, James 4:14).

Because our time is so limited, it becomes even more important what we choose to spend our most valuable resource on. Waste it on meaningless TV? Spend it on selfish pursuits? Use it to better ourselves, our children, or our world? Use it to improve the talents and skills God gave each of us to bring glory to God and build His Kingdom?

Like Ground Hog Day, each new morning is a chance to get it right. Yesterday is gone, and God’s mercy finds us again with a new day to start over. A chance to do things differently or better than we did yesterday.

Through the Lord’s mercies we are not consumed,
Because His compassions fail not.
They are new every morning;
Great is Your faithfulness.

(Lamentations 3:22-23)

I encourage you to evaluate where you have been spending your time. Because we only get so much of it, and no one knows when it will run out for them… So choose carefully. What do you want to become? What do you want to be skilled at? What is your dream? Have you been putting your dream on the shelf and not giving it the time it deserves? You truly have the freedom to choose where your time goes. Make time for what matters. Make time for things that count for eternity. Become conscious of time wasters and make sure you’re using time wisely. How much do you think you have? We’re not even guaranteed tomorrow.

What is one thing you can change today to start putting time where it belongs?  Answer in the comments below!

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