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Jump in! (Don’t be Afraid)

Back to our regularly scheduled program…

So I took a small break from the blog simply because I’ve been super busy the past two weeks applying for jobs. We decided the best thing for our family would be if my husband and I both had jobs.  So I’ve been applying to jobs like a madwoman. What I’ve discovered is that even though I have a degree and over 16 years of experience in graphic design and advertising, it’s still incredibly difficult to land a design job!  Most job postings are looking for interns they can get on the cheap, or someone with more years of experience in an art director role, or just short term contract work.

Thankfully, I’ve gotten some interviews, so time will tell where I end up!

So today, I want to get back to the blog — because I love talking about creativity, and frankly, I need some creative spark right now (because filling out job applications online is grueling and sucks the fun out of life).

Today I’m going to talk about not being afraid to get creative.

Think back to a time when you wanted to do something but you were too afraid.  Maybe you were a child who was too timid to jump into the deep end of the pool.  Maybe you had an idea for a business, but were afraid to take the risk.  Maybe you always wanted to paint, but you worried if you would be any good, so you never tried.  What is the difference between those who accomplish great things, and those who stay where they’re at?  Those who accomplish great things take the first step towards doing something about it! They weigh the costs, and step out despite the risk.  Sometimes they fail, but they keep trying.  They keep going, and eventually, it all adds up to success.  The person who stays where they’re at never takes that first step…  Why not?

Do you feel like you’re stuck where you’re at?  What is stopping you from living out your dreams?  Most often times, it’s fear.  Sometimes it’s not knowing what step to take, but most of the time it’s just plain fear.  Fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of embarrassment, fear of change, fear of [fill in the blank!].

Fear is the opposite of just about everything you want to do in life.  The wise Yoda said that fear leads to the dark side… and he’s not too far off from the truth.  Most people think fear is the opposite of faith, and to an extent it is — the devil uses fear to drive us away from the things of God, while faith pulls us towards the things of God.  I believe fear is actually the opposite of love because “Perfect love casts out all fear.” (1 John 4:18)  And God is love (1 John 4:8), therefore He can cast out fear.

So track with me here, we have creativity because it is a nature of God, and we were created in the image of God, therefore we have creativity in our nature.  If fear drives us away from the things of God, then we should embrace things that drive us towards God, and let the love of God cast out fear from us… right?  And if creativity is something from God, then we should embrace it, right?  If fear is an opposite nature to God, then why are we letting fear stop us from being creative?  Why are we letting fear stop us from doing anything?  Why are we allowing fear to control our destiny?!  We need to kick fear to the curb!

And (just as a little side nugget, bonus) FEAR is a SPIRIT.  It’s not an emotion we have no control over, it is in fact a spirit from the pit of Hell and we can absolutely tell it where to go.  God has not given us a spirit of fear!!  But a spirit of love, of power, and a sound mind!!  (1 Tim 1:7)  God has given us the spirit of LOVE which casts out FEAR!  Why do we put up with it?  Maybe we don’t realize what God has actually given us, and sometimes we don’t use the authority we have.  Just sayin’.

So my point is, don’t let fear hold you back from trying new things.  Maybe you’ve never drawn before, that doesn’t mean you can’t become an artist if you want to!  I’ve heard it said that it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert.  What do you want to become an expert in?  Spend the time practicing it, and you will improve.  The only reason I’m anywhere with the talent God gave me is because I’ve spent time in practice. Lots of time.  Since I was three.  If I did nothing with the talent, then I would be starting at zero right now too!  Everyone has to start somewhere.  It’s better to start now than to wait another ten years and wish you had.  Besides, if it’s the desire of your heart, then pray about it — God can accelerate your progress if you give it to Him and use it for His glory.  He gave you the talent and the ability to be creative, wouldn’t He also want you to be successful in it?

Now get going!  And don’t let fear stop you from living out your dreams!

Here is a little video clip I found on the internet of Steve Harvey encouraging people to use the gift God gave them — Isn’t this what I’ve been saying all along?  LOL welcome to the party Steve Harvey! (haha jk!)

featured photo credit: IMG_0638 via photopin (license)

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