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Book Update

Lots of you have been asking how it’s going with the book.  And I realize I haven’t posted anything about my progress for a few weeks — and honestly, it’s because I’ve been working on the book!  LOL

Here’s where we’re at currently:  I just got the edited manuscript back from my editor this week.  I still have to go through the document and accept the changes she made, so that will take a little time as I re-read with a critical eye to see if I want to keep what she did, or revert back to the way I had it… if I can even remember how I had it at this point!

I’m about 65% done with the artwork — so a little over half-way.  I still have some artwork to create, but I am cranking it out… somewhat.  I wish it was faster.  I wish I could be in the seat at the computer, finish the artwork, and put real life on hold.  I wish I didn’t have to sleep or eat, and I could just sit down and spend the hours until it was finished.  But it doesn’t always work like that.

After the artwork is complete, and after I accept or decline all the edits made by my editor, THEN I get to put it all together in the layout software.  I’ll be using Adobe InDesign for this.  I’ll put everything together, all nice and neat, ready to go to print.  I’ll also have the cover completed at this point.

Then … sigh … then it will be off to the printer, and off to the races!  I’ll have to get it compiled for kindle and nook, get it on Amazon, and start the marketing leg of the journey.

….and then when this book is set to flight, it will be time to start over again with book two. :D

I don’t know if I’ve said it here or not, but this is just book one of a three book series.  I already have the other two books written, but they are not as polished and print-ready as this one.  I opted to break the whole book into a trilogy to get something printed this year, rather than working on the entire thing all at once.  Momentum makes a difference!!

Thank you all for checking on me and encouraging me!  I really appreciate your help!  You are like my cheerleaders on the sideline, dumping cold water on my head as I’m breathlessly making my way towards the finish line, in the last leg of my marathon.  Thank you.  I need that water.

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