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Help Me with My Cover Design!

Hi Everyone!

Today I was playing around with some ideas for the cover of my book … and, let’s just say, I got a little out of control.  LOL.  Help me reel it in, won’t you?  Below are 10 designs I came up with.  I know some are stronger than others, but that’s kind of what happens in digital design brainstorming….

So, can you help me?  Take a minute to consider each cover below.  Try to imagine yourself in your favorite bookstore.  Maybe it’s BAM, or B&N, or some unique boutique.  Whatever.  But imagine yourself there looking at the shelves.  You happen to see one of these book covers sitting there…  Does it strike you enough to pick it up?  Even if you know nothing about the book, does one of these grab you and pique your interest enough to see what it’s about?

Now those of you who do not normally read scifi…  put that aside for the sake of this exercise.  Pretend you’re a scifi FAN.  OR just pretend you might like scifi for a day.

After all, despite what they say, people DO judge a book by its cover — and the goal of the cover is to get the book picked up.  So help me get my book picked up!

Which one snags your attention?  Which one says, check me out?  Tell me in the comments below!  And if you don’t mind, tell me what you like best about it — or if you have any suggestions you think that would make it better.  Please be honest, because telling me they’re all great doesn’t help the book.  But, as comments on the internet can get crazy, please be kind, courteous, and respectful to all.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!  Thank you so much for your help!



  1. Tiffani Wyke

    #5 and #8 are both equally strong, in my opinion and are tied for my vote.

    #5’s color scheme is very eye catching and gripping. I really like the translucent quality of the box. It does a nice job at keeping my eye right there in the center of the image. I don’t want to tear my eyes away from it and will only want to get closer to get a better look at it and yes this is what would urge me to pick it up at B&N.

    #8, same thing! The way the colors almost swirl around the figure in the middle, and the dark edges urge my eyes to remain fixated right there in the middle without getting drawn off the side of the image and onto the next cover beside it. And it’s intriguing, I want to see what she’s holding in her hand.

    Nicely done!! :)

    • Crystal Wilcox

      #8 hands down. As a person who as a young adult did Alot of reading, sci-fi and fantasy, the cover of #8 would definitely draw me in. The shadow of a young woman in space. Love it. happy choosing. I can’t wait to read this book. Even if it’s not my age group, that’s ok. ☺

      • Kristen

        Thanks Crystal! You are never too old to read young adult scifi, in my opinion. I still read it I can’t wait for you to read it!!

  2. Kat Davis

    I like #5 as they are – but I really like the “G” in 1,2,3.- I feel like it has a logo feel and if you ever make a sequel it would tie them together. Just a thought… :) I’m really excited to read it!

    • Kristen

      Thanks Kat!! I’m excited for you to read it also! Good input! I like the G too for that same reason … My husband does not. Haha

  3. Rachel Crespo

    I liked #10 thee best. I like how you have the colors, the hand and the cube in one design. Kind of pulls everything in one design. #10 for me. Great job on the other designs as well.

  4. Rochelle

    At first my eyes gravitated to #3– I love the black lettering with the colored background allowing the title of the book to stand out…very eye catching! After my attention was drawn to the title “The Singularity: The World is Ending”, I really looked deep into the picture of the small confined box in the palm of someone’s hand– which really made me wonder even more what this could be about and made me want to pick up the book and read the back of it.
    However, me just being me….I had to pick a runner up lol! My eyes were then drawn to #7. Immediately I noticed the shadow of a single individual with the colorful background (personally I prefer the background to #7 over #8 because #8 looks too chaotic/busy which started to make me feel a little overwhelmed lol (just being honest) & I quickly moved my eyes away. The background in #7 is very clean & streamlined…drawing my eyes & attention in. Once I was drawn to the interesting picture, I then read the title, which then made me want to flip it over to see what it’s about.
    The more that I looked & compared #3 to #7….the more I felt like #3 looked like a self-help book while #7 looks more like a SciFi book. So, there you go…those are my thoughts…I’m sure you think I’m a totally complex weirdo by now lol :)
    I guess knowing that your book is a SciFi book…I would have to go with #7.

  5. Melissa O'Connor

    First of all, congratulations! For me, #3 was most catching to my eye and the strongest. But I also really liked #9, how the block is glowing, and by pulling in the hand I’m wondering “who, and what are involved in this story?” Good luck!

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