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A Word from God

Last week, God woke me up at 3:00am and told me to write this down. This word needs to be shared. Time is short. 

Begin to pray in the Holy Spirit. Worship God like never before. You know, we create an atmosphere for the Holy Spirit to dwell in. God inhabits the praises of His people. But sometimes you can be your own stopper to God’s pipeline of blessing in your life. You stop the flow of God in your own life. God wants to bring water to your dry land. God wants to create rivers in your desert. But you tie his hands by allowing sin in your life. By choosing to participate in that thing He’s already revealed to you to deal with, but instead of dealing with it, you choose to participate in it. Stop doing that thing. Deal with it and be done with it. Because you matter to the church, the Body of Christ. When we work together to collectively create an atmosphere — when we get right with God, fully surrendered in every area, we begin to get watered, the dry desert becomes a lush oasis, when that happens across the whole body, all the individuals turning green, we become the spark of revival in our land. We are then under the deluge of God, and begin to pour out to those around us. But it begins when each of us gets on board, fully surrenders every area, and start to create an atmosphere for God to dwell. God and sin cannot coexist. Purity produces revival. When we are doing our part together as a body, He can begin to use us in new ways. He can dwell here and move in our land through us. Let today be the day you deal with that thing once and for all. Let today be the day water comes to your desert. Let today be the day you choose life over the death sin brings. Expose that thing and kill it before God. Do your part to bring the atmosphere. We hear countless messages from the pulpit telling us to get right. How many times must you be told before you will do it? How many more warnings do you think you have? Do you think you control the number of your days? Do it now. Let today be the day you lay that thing down at the foot of the cross and never pick it up again. Be done with it and let God bring the rain to turn your wasteland green. Let revival come now! Revival is not waiting on God, it’s waiting on us. 

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