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In the works…

I know everyone probably knows where I’m at with the book simply because I’ve been talking about it so much! LOL  But humor me as I write an additional post about it!

The book is now with a copyeditor — Big news that we are near the end of the process!  I also started sketching out several of my planned graphic novel sections, so I can get a bearing on total page count.

I’m starting to knock out individual panels of artwork that are going into the book (some of the graphic novel sections are just one image, not several consecutive images, so those are easier to crank out).

Since I get asked often, what is the book about, I figured I’d add a little blurb on my blog here for two reasons.  One, so everyone who was not a BetaReader can get a glimpse of what the book is about, and two, I can actually compose the copy for the back cover!  Win-win!

This is what the back cover will say:

Quinn is doomed.  Not only is she a defective in hiding, but overhearing a top-secret conversation has her running for her life.  If she can evade detection long enough, she might be able to hatch a plan to escape her domed city, and planet Earth…  Can she manage to survive, and escape with Roan, the love of her life?  What will she discover on the cryptic data cube from her best friend, Yanney?  Will she escape impending doom, and escalating dangers at every turn?

This fast-paced scifi novel excites at every plot twist and turn!  If you liked Hunger Games, Ender’s Game, Divergent, or The Giver, you will love The Singularity.  This original young adult Christian scifi book will leave you wanting more!  The good news is that, as the first book in The Singularity Series, it’s a promise more will come!  This book is unique because it’s half graphic novel and half written-word novel.  The story continuously flows back and forth between the two art forms.

What do you think? Does that make you want to read it? I hope so!

I also want to add a word of warning, which may or may not appear on the book itself…

Be warned: This is a Christian book.  However, this is not your grandmother’s Christian novel with a quiet country girl in a bonnet.  It’s edgy.  It pushes some boundaries, and I’m not going to beat around the bush — it is a Christian book.  Just know that some scenes might not be suitable for younger audiences.  And while it is part graphic novel, and the images may appeal to kids, it does touch on some more mature subject matter.  It is in no way inapporpriate, and nothing within it disagrees with my beliefs as a Christian, but I want to make a disclaimer so that readers are aware of what they are getting into.  I don’t want to frustrate, disappoint, or upset readers because they went into it expecting something else.  This is aimed at young adult readers, in my mind that is at least 13+ in age.  It’s an epic adventure, with themes of love, life, the value of life, Creation, and discovering truth.  I love this story.  I’ve lived with this story, day in and day out for quite a while now, and I’m ready to share it with the world.  My BetaReaders love this story.  I know you will love it too, I just want you to be aware (without any spoilers) that it might not fit into any preconceived box… that is, it’s unique.  I’m so excited for you to read it!  Seriously, you are going to love it — just go into it with the understanding that it’s not going to fit into any box, and that it might be edgier than you’d expect from a “Christian” novel.  …But for real, if you read Hunger Games, you won’t have any problem reading this.

Here is some artwork I’m currently working on, and some sketches I did today.

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 4.18.16 PM


These are face sketches of Quinn, the main character.  Just quick sketches though.


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