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Book Update, and other news…

Hi Everyone!  I wanted to post to let everyone know where I’m at on my book … and another highlight of recent weeks.

First, the Book!

I’m super excited.  (as if I wasn’t excited before, I’m bonkers excited now).  I’m really getting close to completing the book — my husband thinks November is a good deadline to shoot for publication.  I was aiming for Christmas, but I think with the kids in school now, I should be able to crank down a little tighter on my time frame.  Fingers crossed.

A major milestone was passed today — milestone, not kidney stone.  Yikes.  I finished all the edits recommended by an editor’s manuscript evaluation.  So I printed the (hopefully) last draft out, just so I can lay my eyeballs on it one last time before I send it to copyediting.  Did I put everything in it that I wanted to?  I may read it out loud to see if it flows right and make sure my wording makes sense.  But this is really grinding down to the end of the writing process for the written portion.  I mean, I could keep editing forever, really.  But I don’t want to do that.

So, after I look at it once more, I’m going to call it done-zo, and send it on to the editor.  I have to move on, or it will be overcooked.  I’m hoping it’s not overcooked now! Anyway, this month, I plan to start getting some artwork accomplished so I can check off my list of graphic novel segments.  So stay tuned for some artwork to start coming across this blog.

I just want to take a minute to thank everyone for your support.  I really appreciate your kind words, eagerness to read it, enthusiasm, and “you can do it”s!  I will be leaning on you for support in the coming months as we prepare for launch.

In other news, I was recently hired to lead a painting party in the vein of Pinot’s Pallet.  It was incredibly fun!!  I especially loved how each painting turned out different — of course, I encouraged that — I didn’t want everyone to end up with the same painting.  I was pleasantly surprised how creative the paintings turned out, even though maybe only one or two of the painters would have considered themselves to be “artistic.”  That night was very enjoyable!  I really hope to be able to do it again, especially now that I have 20 easels…  So if you’re looking for a fun night with friends, book me to teach your group how to paint!


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