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The Elevator

The Elevator

A Prophetic Message, in the form of a Short Story


This is something that’s been percolating within me for a while now.  I feel like I finally have all the pieces, and felt to put it together in the form of a story.

My name is Adelina.  I really can’t remember a time I wasn’t here, in this place, trapped.  It’s dark, putrid, like a swamp.  I hate it.  I’ve been here for so long.  Why can’t I move on?  I believe in God.  I love Him so much, and my deepest desire is to do something amazing for Him…  But I can’t.  I’m stuck here.  It’s tight, and so hard to move.  I pound my fists on the walls of my prison to no avail.  I can see all around me, and everyone else seems to be doing great things, having fun, doing the things I so wish I could do.  Why am I here, God?  Do you even see me anymore?  I despise this place, this coffin.

I’ve lost count of the days, the nights, the hours I’ve prayed and cried to be released from this place.  Nothing changes.  I feel desperate.  I feel claustrophobic.  I know I’m meant for more than this.  What good can I do from this place?  God has shown me things, made promises, I know there is more for me than this…  So, I have nothing else to do but wait.  I’ll wait.  God, I’ve been here this long, there must be some reason for it — You are not one to make mistakes.  I’m not a mistake.  So, I’ll trust You.

Wait a second.  I feel like I’m moving.  I’m not out of this cage yet, but something is changing on the outside.  I can’t tell what it is yet.  Whatever has changed has not reached me in here…  The light is different…  It’s a little bit brighter.  What is going on?

Time passes.  I’m still here.  I’ve given myself to deepening my prayer life.  I spend more time with God, because that’s all I have.  It’s just me and Him.  He’s told me to wait.  So I continue to wait.  I begin to see that this place, as much as I once despised it, is really the best place for me.  It’s safe.  He’s keeping me protected from the outside.  He’s reserving me for a special purpose.  Right now I’m hidden from the world, like a secret.  I’m under the radar, and I realize that’s the best possible place for me.  Why should I burst forth onto the world’s stage before I’m ready and make a fool of myself and my Creator?

I’ve surrendered to the process.  Whatever the reason, it doesn’t matter.  This is where I’m supposed to be.  Being shut up in this place has caused me to turn my heart and my mind to Him in a way I could not do if I were busy like everyone else on the outside.  This sanctuary has been my place of preparation.  And, I’ve noticed, little by little, the scenery outside has changed.  I’m not sure where I am yet, but I know I’m nowhere close to the swamp I started in.  It’s so bright, and I feel a little chill.  I can’t wait until I can breathe fresh air again.  There’s got to be some amazing air out there — I can sense it!

Suddenly, someone comes over and wipes away the dingy film that coats my chamber — I can see!  It’s as if I was behind a dirty window, now wiped clean, and I can see everything.

“She’s almost ready,” I can hear them say.

It’s getting close now.  I know it is.  The day, whatever it is, that God prepared for me from the beginning of time, is almost here!  I have the instinctual need to stretch.  I’ve grown in here, and what was once tight, is now painfully constricting.  Let me out!

More time passes.  I’m definitely learning patience.  I’m so ready to get out of here, but I know God will open that door when the time is perfect.  Never too soon, and never late.  I’ve learned so much while I’ve been in here.  What I once thought trapped me, has been my sanctuary.  It’s been the best opportunity to grow, and prepare.

Someone’s coming now.  The wall is being removed!  I can breathe!  I take in my new surroundings.  I’m on a flat, smooth, stone surface.  Vivid flowers and greenery drape over stone archways.  Before me is a stone platform, almost like a diving board.  Below the platform is a pool of clouds.  It’s the top of clouds, and out in the distance, I see mountain peaks poking through the blanket of cloud.  The air is so crisp and fresh.  The sky is a brilliant pale blue.  The sun is brighter than anything I imagined.

The wall of my chamber is gone now.  I’m completely free.  And as I begin to stretch, I notice unfurling from my back is the most beautiful set of wings, the tips of which kiss the floor just below my ankles.  A thrill of excitement surges through me as I realize I was trapped in a vessel that brought me to the heights, my launch pad.  And I’m now equipped to fly!  I’m so glad I surrendered to the change!  My cocoon, my elevator, has brought me to this place of destiny, so I can soar higher than I ever dreamed possible.

I take a few steps out on to the cool stone floor.  Before I realize it, my legs are moving faster, and faster.  I see the edge.  I see the clouds.  No chance to question my next move.  I run as fast as I can and leap into the unknown.  My wings carry me.


I really feel like this metaphor is a message from the Lord.  Maybe you find yourself in a place you feel stuck.  Don’t despise it!  You won’t be there forever!  Take advantage of it — use it as a time to prepare, so when God opens the door for you to leave that place, you will be ready to do the next thing He has for you.  Enjoy the cocoon.  It’s not fun, but it’s only a season.  Surrender to it.  It’s your time of preparation and transformation.  Don’t miss out on the open door of opportunity because you’re not ready yet, or you didn’t prepare.  Seek God; ask how you can use this time to best ready yourself.

Let me know if this spoke to you in any way, in the comments below.


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