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Understanding the Creative Brain

I see you there, hiding in the shadows.  I can tell, you’re like me — you suffer from the affects of creative brain.  Don’t worry — hide no longer!  I can help!

I’ve suffered from Creative Brain (CB).  My house has suffered, at times my projects suffer, and I’m sure it’s affected my loved ones, all because of my inability to overcome complications of CB.

{I should take this moment to interject — I’m not a doctor.  Creative Brain is just the name I gave this condition, which, through my own experience, I have found affects highly intelligent and creative people.  Take this post for what it is — a post.  Hopefully you can find something here that helps you on your journey, but know I’m not claiming to diagnose anything, don’t sue me.  This post is anecdotal.}

What is this disorder, you ask?  How do I know you have it?  Creative Brain, as I call it, is the downside to being super creative.  And the problem is, that most creative people don’t realize they suffer from it.

Let me paint you a picture — because sufferers of CB tend to be more visual anyway LOL — and see if this rings true in your life.


You probably know you’re likely a right brain dominant person.  You love solving problems; coming up with answers that are right there that no one else even sees.  When you’re on, you’re on a roll and there’s no stopping you until you crash (and sometimes burn).  You love coffee or tea, and books, and internets, and movies, and paintings, and music.  Pinterest — need I say more?  You can think of a thousand ways to change the piece of furniture you found at a yard sale and make it totally amazing.  You can make a costume on the fly for your daughter’s last minute costume party and no one knows it was impromptu.  You don’t even have to be artistically creative — maybe you’re creative in rearranging a room to make more sense, or organizing the staff to make the company more efficient, or looking in the cabinets and whipping up a gourmet dinner based on only ingredients on hand, or brainstorming ways to make something better.  Creativity is not limited to artists only.

You can turn on the flow of ideas like turning on a faucet.  And sometimes you can’t turn that faucet back off…  If you’re super creative, in short, you’re a rockstar, and you can do absolutely anything.  There are no limits.  You’re creative. You’re awesome.


{Maybe I shouldn’t say dark side, but downside sounded like it wasn’t that big of a deal.  Sometimes the downside of being creative can be a big deal — and most people who suffer from this don’t even realize there’s a way out — even though they can creatively outthink anyone else!  See if this sounds familiar…}

You have a thousand things bouncing around in your head, and it’s crippling.  You feel completely overwhelmed and stressed out, almost constantly, because these things in your head won’t stop reminding you that you should be doing them.  Pick up the dry cleaning, call that person, send that email, work on that project, oh, and figure out dinner…  Then one of the kids can’t find their shoe, the other one wants to wear a certain shirt no one has seen for a long time… Did you remember to send that email? Too many things in your head competing for your attention.  And because they’re all squawking at once, you don’t know where to even start… so you do nothing.  Nothing gets done.  You have piles of disorganization everywhere — and although you know exactly which pile each item is in, it still takes you too long to find matching shoes in the morning.  You function fine most of the time, but if any situation comes up that you weren’t expecting, it sends your day into a tailspin.  You find yourself starting more projects than you finish.  You try to clean the house but you get distracted by something else that needs to get done, and keep getting distracted, so by the end of the day you have lots of half-cleaned areas, but nothing is finished.  You feel like you have too much to do and not enough hours in the day.  You wonder how anyone gets anything done because it seems like accomplishing anything is near impossible.  You have goals.  You have things you want to do with your life, but you feel like time is slipping away, like days are being wasted in a pile of things that didn’t get done.

If this sounds like something you’ve experienced, you’re not alone.  Even if no one else you know is like this, I know where you’re at.  It’s taken me a few years, a stack of brain books, stacks of regular books, and a ton of wasted lists before I felt like I had a handle on it.  Now, I can say with confidence that the scenario described above USED to be me.  It’s not me now.  Now I am super creative, AND I get things done.  That statement once seemed like an impossible oxymoron.  I should clarify, I’m still working on being more organized. I’m not perfect, I’m still growing as a human being. But I am actually getting things checked off my list each day without being overwhelmed and shutting down. Which is an accomplishment.

So if you find yourself in the throws of being overwhelmed by your plethora of ideas, and getting stuck in the bog of not accomplishing anything, have hope — and stick around because I’ve got several posts coming on Creative Brain, and how to help yourself gain control.  You’re not doomed to deal with your brain and just put up with it.  There is a better way!


Do you ever feel like you have too many things bouncing around in your head?  What have you found that works for you?


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