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New Journal / Bible

Have you guys seen these new journaling Bibles? It’s a pretty neat concept — to be able to jot notes in the sidebar as you read. But I’ve seen them all over the Internet as creative crafters turn them into altered book art pieces.

I’ve done altered books before — for those of you not familiar with the term, it simply means taking any old book and using the pages as a sketchbook; painting, drawing, or adding paper right over the words.

It’s a fun and super creative way to play around with art concepts in a free-range sandbox sort of way.  Try it sometime! Next time you’re at a garage sale, go ahead and grab a couple of those hardback readers digest books, and play around.  Knit pages, weave paper pages, paint pages, make pop-ups, dig holes, collage the cover — anything goes! It’s creatively liberating… But I digress.

In this journaling Bible, I will probably not draw too far over the words because it is, after all, a Bible, and I would still want to read it later… I have seen some ladies creating art in their journaling Bible that did go all over the page — which is fine, just depends on what your plan for the book is.

I’m excited to get going in this Bible and make it look colorful! I’ll post some pictures when I get a page or two done.

What about you? What would you do with a journaling Bible?

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