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The Christian Life

This was a picture God put on my heart during the message last night.  I kept thinking it was a crazy picture, but I couldn’t shake the strong feeling that it was what I was supposed to draw.  So here it is.

It’s kind of backwards because we would think that a picture of life that we recognize would be to have the person in the boat…  But the Kingdom of God is backwards and upside down to the world.  God’s ways are not our ways, His thoughts are higher than our thoughts — and I believe this is a picture of that.

Let me explain what I feel like it means.

This is a picture of the Christian life.  The murky water represents the muck and yuck of the world.  It’s hard to see through, hard to navigate, and being in the physical world, we cannot always see everything that is underlying in the spiritual world.  When we get saved, we become a new creation, and we get like a fresh perspective, a protective barrier against the world — the diving suit.

The air hose is our spiritual connection to God — we breath the air from on high.  We consume the wind of Heaven, we hear the breathing and heartbeat of God, and our lifesupport is dependent on Him.  Without it, we would be consumed by, and saturated in, the world.

The bubbles are what we give off into the world — our sharing what we recive from God.

The anchor is faith.  Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen.  If we are anchored deep in the things of God, we will be pulled in the direciton He leads — just like the boat leading the little guy in the drawing — If we let go of our faith, we will lose touch with where God is going, and eventually, the airhose will disconnect as the boat moves on without us. Then what? We drown in the world again, breathing in the toxic water around us.  We can’t see what’s ahead.  God can see everything.  We can only see a few feet ahead of us.  We can only see the bottom of the boat that’s in the water, but we can’t always see outside our realm, above the surface of the water.  So it takes faith to hang on and keep trudging forward, trusting God knows what’s coming and that He will lead us well.  Keep holding on and don’t let go!  We might not always know where we’re going, but it’s far better to be connected and supplied with air than to be on our own, drowning in the world, and eaten by sharks.

This is just what was on my heart. I hope it speaks to you.  If it helps you out in some way, leave me a comment!  I’d love to hear your reaction!


  1. Rochelle

    So awesome! It really ministered to me big time! The picture and the meaning of it was totally God! He gave me revelation of several things thru this! Thank You! I was unable to stay to hear Pastor Shannon preach; therefore, this is my first time seeing the drawing & its meaning….and it really blessed me big time! =)

  2. Tierra

    Thank you so much for sharing and being obedient to God! You are awesome, and you most definitely hear from God. You have an amazing talent and the picture is a great representation of your explanation. Thank you again Mrs. Watterson

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