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Vacation Recap

Hi Everyone!

I thought I’d take a few minutes to report on our recent vacation, tell a few stories, and what not. 

First, let me say, our vacation was fantastic!  We chose to take a road trip in the RV — we like to stick to our turtle nature, and take our home with us on vacation. haha

I do have to say, I wasn’t ready for the vacation to end.  We truly had a great time.

So, what did we do?  Lots!

We headed north to Chicago.  We saw Lincoln’s house, and the Illinois State Capital Building.  We went to the beach at Lake Michigan, and took the train from our spot on the lake into Chicago.  We saw the SkyDeck at the Willis Building in Chicago, ate some Garrett’s Popcorn (which is phenomenal.  Really the best popcorn ever).  We saw some sights in the city, were majorly disappointed by the Aquarium, and took the train back to our campsite in Michigan City.

From there we went to Indiana.  We camped at Indiana state parks, which were simply beautiful.  I must say, Indiana is unlike any other state we’ve driven through.  It’s amazing that, not only the lawns were perfectly manicured, but also the sides of the road, the highway was perfectly clean, and the state parks were immaculate!  It was like they were filming a movie, and everything was overly perfect.  Beautiful state.

We went to the largest children’s museum in the US — that was super cool.  It really was huge, but it’s the best children’s museum I’ve ever been to.  That was in Indianapolis.

We went to Morenga Cave Country and took a canoe down the Blue river — which was fun for about the first hour.  It was BEAUTIFUL.  Really gorgeous.  And then, about the time I was ready to be done, I found out that my husband did not tell me that it was a four hour canoe trip, and that the path we were taking was 7 miles to the end.  Beautiful quickly turned to, “seen it. Let’s get to the end.”  The girls had an absolute blast, though.  They were not paddling.  It was shallow in most areas, which was fine, there were a few times we bottomed out and had to get out of the canoe and pull it over some rocks, but it was not a bad ride… until I was tired and ready to be done LOL.

After the canoe trip, we stayed another night at a state park to recover, and relax our sore muscles.

From there, we headed to St. Louis where we stayed a couple nights and had some adventures in the city — and of course saw the Arch again.  After that, we headed back home.

A couple funny moments that stood out to me:

1.  At one of the state parks, we were outside cooking dinner on the campfire, the girls were playing in the water spout next to our camp site, and the dogs were inside the camper going crazy.  I guess they wanted out.  At one point, Lucy pawed the door and pushed the lock button down.  We were locked out.  My husband is pretty clever and he figured out how to get us back in, but in those first few moments before we had a plan, it was pretty scary.  Out in the middle of the woods, just past dinner time, sun going down, terrible cell signal, and we are locked out of our camper.  It all turned out well, but it was pretty unbelievable that our dog could lock us out…

2. Driving down the road, my husband half-way stands up and says, “well, I’m going to the bathroom.”  I just looked at him like, really?  Then he remembered he was driving, and decided it would be best to pull over first.  I agreed. XD

Lucy, the dash dog, who locked us out.
Lucy, the dash dog, who locked us out.



What is your favorite vacation destination and why?  I’ll start out the comments with my answer!


  1. Kristen

    My favorite vacation destination is Alaska. Why? because there is no beach, and it’s cold and rainy. That’s the best! Plus it’s gorgeous!

  2. Crystal Wilcox

    My favorite vacation spot has to be Black Hills South Dakota! When u was younger I remember going there to visit the the Crazy Horse monument while it was being built. It was very educational, and I remember the scenery was beautiful! I would love to go again as an adult. Thanks for sharing Kris, Lucy is crazy! Lol. Happy your back!

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