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Going All In

A while back, my husband ministered a message called “Going All In.”  The message was about turning from our ways and giving all to Jesus.  Surrendering everything to Him and going 100% with everything we are, not holding anything back.  I drew a picture, shown here.   You can see the image below.  Basically, it shows the two options.  Our will for ourselves, and God’s will for us.  The Bible says our righteousness is as filthy rags, and He is the vine, we are the branches, there is nothing good we can do apart from Him.  The Bible also says that what we do on our own is as wood, hay, and stubble, whereas what we do for the Kingdom is like gold and precious jewels.  As you can see the disparity between the two sides, I’d like to also point out the bird on God’s side.  It represents God’s provision (because he cares for the lilies of the filed and the birds of the air — if we seek His Kingdom first, He’ll take care of us too — see Matt. 6).  Where God guides, He provides.

If you’re feeling frustration in your life, it’s possible that you’ve been trying to push your own will instead of surrendering to God’s will for your life.  If you’ve been trying to make something work, and praying for God to bless it, and it’s not working, that can be frustrating!  God’s will for your life is always better.  Not to say that it’s frustration-free, but it’s definitely better for you in the long run.  I put a match in the bottom to symbolize that everything we do on this earth is going to pass away.  It’s going to burn and be put to death.  Only things we did that count for God’s Kingdom can go with us — and the souls we lead to Christ!  So the match is a reminder, as well as a suggestion — burn it yourself.  Surrender your will to God’s will. Torch your own agenda and leave nothing to go back to.  Live for God only and your reward will be great!


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