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Prep for Launch!

I’m so excited!  Yesterday I sent the book to the printer.  That’s a big deal.  Like a really big deal.  Like I thought that the day would never come because I’ve been working on this forever and printing didn’t seem like it would ever be a reality.  Now, my stomach is doing flip flops.   Continue reading…

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Blog, Book News

Ready for Copy Edit!

Book Update:

I finally finished editing the text to the point that it’s now ready for the copyeditor.  I cannot think of anything else to add to it, and I’m fairly certain all the loose plot ends are tied.  With that said, I’m confident it’s ready to be put through the wringer with an editor.  I, know, commas, are, my, worst, enemies.   Anyway, an editor should be able to help me out in that area.  I’m ready to be edited.  Now, I’m turing to work on the artwork, and crank that out.  Text is officially DONE!  …at least until I get the changes back from copyediting.

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