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Understanding the Creative Brain
August 20, 2015

Understanding the Creative Brain

I see you there, hiding in the shadows.  I can tell, you’re like me — you suffer from the affects of creative brain.  Don’t worry — hide no longer!  I can help!

I’ve suffered from Creative Brain (CB).  My house has suffered, at times my projects suffer, and I’m sure it’s affected my loved ones, all because of my inability to overcome complications of CB.

{I should take this moment to interject — I’m not a doctor.  Creative Brain is just the name I gave this condition, which, through my own experience, I have found affects highly intelligent and creative people.  Take this post for what it is — a post.  Hopefully you can find something here that helps you on your journey, but know I’m not claiming to diagnose anything, don’t sue me.  This post is anecdotal.}

What is this disorder, you ask?  How do I know you have it?  Creative Brain, as I call it, is the downside to being super creative.  And the problem is, that most creative people don’t realize they suffer from it.

Let me paint you a picture — because sufferers of CB tend to be more visual anyway LOL — and see if this rings true in your life. Continue reading…

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